What is Oud air freshener’s fragrance and why is it so expensive? 

Oud Air Fresheners

One of the most expensive raw fragrances you will find around the world is Oud or Oudh. It is also known as Agarwood and the essential oil present in it is extracted from the fungus-infected resinous heartwood of the agar tree that is found in the dense forest of Southeast Asia.

The professionals who continue to work on the same get these by the distillation from the wood or by melting the resin. You will be shocked to know that Oud Air Fresheners are made with material that is available for every ten trees in the wild only one will have the infected heartwood. And this is used in making the Oud perfumes.

What is Oud?

It is referred to as the 5 thousand per pound fragrance and is known as one of the most expensive fragrances and ingredients in the world. This ingredient is found in older trees and because of its low availability of Agra trees, the overall status of Oud becomes the most expensive commodity in the market of essential oils or perfume.

Rose Vanilla Perfume made with Oud fragrance

Rose Vanilla Perfume is an oriental vanilla fragrance that is made for women and was launched in 2011. The top notes that are involved in it are water notes and lemon, the middle notes are rose and sugar and the base notes are cedar, sugar, and white musk.

You will find it sweet to capture, rich to keep you complex and also complex to seduce you as it is an absolute standout floral gourmand that you have ever smelled.

How Oud is used to form Air Fresheners?

Oud Air Fresheners are the formulation of modern perfumes and fragrances that have gained major popularity and interest across the world. This is used by some of the renowned designers of the world to unveil the customized fragrance by cherishing the fragrant Oudh essential oil.

Exotic and rare scents catering to those having extravagant tastes and money came into existence. When the Oud is used as a major component in the manufacturing of scents then it serves on the base note that remains with you for several hours.

These are sweet and pleasing fragrances that are famous for their earthly traits as are quite expensive to harvest.

Benefits of wearing Oud in various manners

• The Oud application will also be founded in EMPER LUXE VERDE which is associated with serenity and harmony of the spirit. It helps in removing the negative and destructive energies around your home or the surroundings.
• To make the clothes and houses full of this sweet fragrance many people burn the chips of Oud wood.
• Oud Air Fresheners are made with this popular and highly treasured product in the East.
• It helps in boosting mental functionally and improving the feeling of contentment and harmony.

Concluding words

Oud fragrance is not only luxury but also sweet that gives you a sense of depth and good feeling. It appears slightly overpowering and still is capable of evoking a sense of warm and smoky notes. This expensive fragrance is found in MILESTONE Bogart Rouge as well as other perfumes to give you a pleasing smell throughout the day.

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