Unwrapping Creativity: The Charm of Premium Paper Gift Bundles

Kraft paper diaries aren’t just any notebook—it’s an artistic canvas, a mental retreat, and a way to express one’s unique sense of style. Every element, from the finely designed cover to the superior paper, has been thoughtfully chosen to delight and inspire. These are stylish journals that can be used to take down memories of your travels or create daily routines.

These stylish journals are intended to travel with you, whether you’re taking notes, drawing your next masterpiece, or just capturing special moments. Its blank pages are only waiting for your thoughts, goals, and dreams to fill them.

The market offers a variety of stylish notepads and premium notebooks. Notebooks with a plain, expensive, and monotonous design is not what everyone looks for. Not many love the idea of owning something that does not inspire their creativity. 

Boxyfont is a brand that has been created to produce stylish journals, designer notepads and diaries, hand made diaries, all etched with hand-drawn artwork that is genuine, directly out of our studio, and minimally customizable while maintaining quality and originality.

Every series of our premium notebooks and diaries that you view on our website is geared towards offering you a variety of creative options. Crafting stylish journals, including artistic journals, premium notebooks, handmade diaries, and designer notepads, was similar to constructing a capsule collection. Let’s begin with our initial collection of stylish notepads and diaries. 

The Draftbook – Modernist Series Bundle is a cleverly sized memo pad that is a modern take on the stylish notepad. It combines pop and utility. For those who like to jot down their to-do lists on something that will be artistic and best suited as stylish notepads for work, The Draftbook is a must have.

These stylish notepads are ideal for use at meetings, conferences or to simply make your own work lists. With our designer notepads, we hope to add some style to your multitasking. For this specific line of designer notepads, our founder and artist created hand-drawn images that are more flowing and abstract. The three designs share a common motif that extends from the front cover to the back cover, giving the otherwise dull and plain memo pads a cohesive artwork. For individuals who want to prioritize their tasks, the package is ideal. 

The Studiobook- One of our other A5 series of designer notepads is the Studiobook – Wilderness Series bundle. This one, meanwhile, would be best classified as a sketchbook on the go, for all the illustrators and doodlers who draw inspiration from their everyday travels. Some one who is interested in art, would love to have such premium notebooks to sketch their ideas.  

Each cover art sketch on these premium notebooks has been created to capture the distinct textures of each animal, drawing inspiration from our founder’s love of nature and wildlife as well as George Orwell’s famous novel Animal Farm. These designer notepads, printed in forest colours, make wonderful gifts for anyone who enjoys working on creative projects. Our Studiobook’s Fine Artist Paper works well with a wide range of colours and inks. Examine each one’s narrative in the description. 

The Kraftbook- One of our best-selling designer notepads is more of a stylish journal and less of a notepad. We will categorise it as a travel journal. When we talk about such artistic journals, what’s different in the Kraftbook – Typefont Series, is that it is made to fit your passion for journaling. These premium notebooks are robust and have a classic charm, which makes this bundle unique with its handcrafted Kraft paper covers and exquisite black closure band. It’s ideal as a festive present! Get our Journaling Kraftbook Bundle right now!

The Storybook – Our best-selling designer notepads, that are big, white and bold are The Storybook – A Tale of Three Cities Bundle, also available individually, they make for a great novel writing notebook. They are a bit larger that A5, stark white and printed with our distinctive hand-drawn cityscapes in bold black. 

These designer notepads are the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys the minimalist and monochrome aesthetic of classic literature. These large and fine artist paper, premium notebooks, which are meant to resemble novels, are ideal for people who enjoy writing—they can be used as recipe books, daily journals, or collections of poetry and stories. With our Storybook Bundles, you may enjoy your love of writing while carrying these with flair.

Browse through the excellent collection of stylish and elegant notebooks on Boxyfont.

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