Meet with an experienced financial consultant James J. Lukezic

You must have heard of the name Old Slip Capital Partners it’s the company that provides the standard fiduciary consulting in New York City. James J. Lukezic is the executive managing director at that and there he provided financial advice, planning, analysis, wealth management and insurance along with management consulting.

If you are in search of any financial advice or facing any problem in understanding the things with which you are stuck financially then you can contact James J. Lukezic. He is a known personality who has achieved many years of experience working as a financial adviser. Let’s talk in detail about him and his achievements throughout his life.

Introduction of James J. Lukezic

Currently, James J. Lukezic is the executive managing director at Old Slip Capital Partners. He started his career at Merrill Lynch & Co. by participating in the Junior Executive Training Program and was then selected as a financial analyst in the Offshore Funds. Also, he worked as a lecturer at Princeton University while completing his marketing education at Harvard Business School.

From starting have skills in developing new businesses and maintaining existing businesses with the individual net worth this helps him to develop his own skills as a marketer and relationship manager.  

At Old Slip Capital Partners he was able to identify and select the superior investment management services wherever they are housed.

Works of Old Slip Capital Partners 

At Old Slip Capital Partners you will get all the financial services that are not limited to Institutional Investment advisory or Insurance Consulting, Investment Banking, and others. The experts there like James J. Lukezic operate in an independent, non-affiliated capacity to provide advice, direction, guidance, and education to the investors at both individual and corporate levels.

You will get the best advice and suggestions that serve our clients in a manner that is free from the influence of investment management firms and other mutual fund companies and more. People in the organization believe that their values clearly drive the quality and service a financial professional receives and in turn delivers to their clients.

If you get stuck with any financial problem or are not able to understand then you can connect with the company or directly with James J. Lukezic in New York.

Achievements of James J. Lukezic

  • James J. Lukezic is the chairman of ITF USA which assists landmine victims in over 30 countries worldwide.
  • He is an elected Treasurer of one of the F&A Mason lodges in the Grand Lodge of New York.  
  • Member of the United States Polo Associations
  • Also a member of New York City’s Fencers Club and the American Helicopter Society.
  • James J. Lukezic is able to create customized institutional portfolios that are deemed to address a strict mandate series of criteria.

Wrapping it up!

James J. Lukezic has 13 years of working experience within 9 firms; he has passed 5 exams and has 54 state licenses. For any financial-related advice or help, he is there with his experience and expertise in retirement planning, wealth management and others that are all beneficial to you.

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