Know the Importance of Lighting for your Wedding!

Know the Importance of Lighting for your Wedding!

One of the most overlooked décor elements when planning a wedding is lights; It can completely transform the venue from ordinary to spectacular and make everything look and might be more beautiful on your special day.

Getting the Wedding Lighting Rental Brampton will have a powerful impact on the overall look and feel of your event space as well as the mood of your guests at reasonable prices. 

Proper wedding lights will enhance the look of your venue as well as it also highlights the important elements of your décor and make certain areas of your room focal points like the dance floor or head table.

With the proper and beautiful lights your wedding photos will be perfect as it gives the additional visual elements to use in photos. 


Finding a wedding lighting designer 

When you are considering the lights for the wedding then you should discuss your idea as well as your demand from the experts that you are hiring for your wedding. Ask them if they also provide the Outdoor Tents Toronto so it can be easy for you as well.

It is essential to work closely with them to make sure that they understand your vision and offer the perfect wedding for you. Make sure to get a reputable and experienced company that can offer you the best lights for your big day within your budget. 

When selecting the right company you must look for what is their experience, the equipment that they are using their background in the lighting design and more to make sure that they will offer the right job for your wedding. 

Light up your wedding space

Wedding Lighting Rental Brampton will provide you with the lights you demand at your venue so you will know how things will look when the sun goes down and the lighting elements come more into play. You should also consider the several things that are- 

  • The area that you want to highlight
  • What features do you want to de-emphasize? 
  • What do you want to make a focal point such as the head table, dance floor and more?
  • Importance of venue lighting
  • Can the lights be turned off when you need them? 
  • There can be different types of light fixtures in the room that can be controlled individually.
  • What types of power are available in the room? 

Various wedding lighting 

A specially designed metal or glass that goes into a special lighting fixture to project an image. Many couples use a gobo for their monogram on the dance floor or the wall behind the head table. Some providers offer outdoor Tents Toronto along with the lights for wedding decoration.

  • Using the breakup pattern

Using a gobo to project the large pattern onto the dance floor a wall or the ceiling there is a great way to differentiate various areas or bring focus to the specific area of the room.

You can also pick the image patterns that go with your wedding theme and tie the lighting in nicely with the rest of the décor. 

Break-up patterns work best with tented weddings where the whole tent can be used as a canvas to decorate the wedding. Here it is easy to get the Wedding Lighting Rental Brampton to make your wedding more amazing. 


Pin Spot 

A miniature spotlight is used to highlight important focal points such as the centerpieces, the wedding cakes or the sweet table. Pin spots are an absolute must if you have beautiful tall centerpieces that you want to show off.

Using such patterns you can also dim the overall lights in the room effectively hiding more unsightly features of the room and can bring your guest’s attention to where you want. 




It is a short and new technology light that features are more expensive but allows you to get many colors with just one light. They consume far less power than the traditional up-lighting fixtures and do not get hot to the touch.

Color wash

Couples who opt for outdoor Tents Toronto also want their entire area in the same color so they use the color wash lights.

This can be a very powerful and dramatic effect and isn’t recommended for every lighting design but is also considered as a great way to bring attention.

Color washes work well in a tent wedding where the whole tent becomes the canvas to decorate. You can get these lights in rent along with the tent from us with whatever you want. 

Think color 

As you work on your wedding lighting design consider what colors you would like to use. You can opt for colors that match or compliment the wedding theme and look like something more natural. Amber is a great color as it goes with any color scheme and creates a soft romantic glow that mimics the candlelight. 

Wedding Lighting Rental Brampton that suits your budget as well as your theme and makes your day special. If you are using intelligent LED lighting we will be able to change the color of the lighting to whatever you demand. 

For tent weddings 

It is an extremely important element for tent weddings that can range from subdues and simple to wild. A tent affords your lighting designer a completely blank canvas to work with the ability to use a wide variety of lighting fixtures. 

For outside weddings 

If you are organizing an outside wedding and making it with the tent rental in Brampton then you should consider lighting in your plans. There are a variety of extremely affordable options that will not only illuminate the reception area for your guests. 

Final notes!

If you will be hosting a wedding outdoors then you must need an outdoor Tents Toronto because it can easily be transformed into your dreamed theme.

For getting the lights and other things in rent you must hire a quality company that believes in delivering quality products for our big day.

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