Discuss the 6 Reasons to Embrace Aadhaar eSign for Indian Business.

Digital eKYC
Digital eKYC
The International Monetary Fund ( IMF) expects India to grow from 6.5% to 6.8% in 2024-25. From promoting the new start-ups to a paperless economy, the Indian government emphasises digital technology utilisation like Aadhaar signature and eKYC to overcome the manual, time-consuming process. The eSign solution is specially designed for Aadhaar holders and allows them to make their paperless signatures from anywhere and anytime. To accomplish this specific signature, the user must have an Aadhaar card with a registered mobile number to receive an OTP to verify their identity. 

 Aadhaar eSign for Indian Businesses Solutions

Aadhaar signature is recognised as a legally valid paperless signing solution, which was introduced by the Government of India in 2015. It is equivalent to a wet-ink signature and is applicable in government as well as private sectors where eSign Aadhaar is accepted for online transactions and document signing. By implementing the Aadhaar eSign API Solution for document execution, senders and receivers can save significant time, cost, and effort and eliminate the dependency on physical paper burden. 

How is eSign Aadhaar better than Other forms of Digital Signature?

Simply, digital signatures do not provide robust security and are more likely to be forgeried or copied by others to misuse. On the other hand, Aadhaar-based eSign holds private and public key encryption that is impossible to duplicate, utilises proof of identity, and plays a vital role in business operations. It leverages the power of Aadhaar details, and data authenticity should be matched with the Aadhaar database for every individual.

Whether you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise, shifting from traditional to digital 
Aadhaar eSign for Indian businesses helps you gain a competitive edge and eliminates the chance of errors in the system. Whether you want to accelerate your business operations or enhance document security, switching to eSign Aadhaar is the perfect way to manage your document process and contract management. 

In this blog section, we will discuss various reasons why Aadhaar eSign for Indian businesses makes a difference. 

Reason 1: Aadhaar-based eSign is Widely Accepted in India for Government and Private Sector

No matter if it is a government or private agency, eSign solution is legally recognised by legal entities in India, which allows them to perform paperless signatures from anywhere and anytime. In this signing process, businesses can invite multiple parties to perform the paperless signature using the aadhaar eSign API solution. Implementation of an Aadhaar signature is the perfect way to say goodbye to manual document work and embrace the faster and more convenient documentation process for your organisation. The Information Technology ACT 2000 gives legal authenticity to the documents signed. 

Reason 2: eSign API is a Budget-friendly Signing Solution

Business transaction cycles may last longer when they are associated with traditional signing processes such as printing, scanning, and physically signing documents. To cut down on this significant cost, enterprises can implement an Aadhaar based eSign API for their document signing procedure. This is cost-effective and saves a significant cost on expensive courier services and transportation. Moreover, it also saves the valuable time of signers from unexpected waiting times, bringing physical documents, and performing various paper formalities. 

Reason 3: eSign Aadhaar is Legally Binding and Verified

Did you know that an Aadhaar signature is unique for each individual and provides a high level of security against tampering and unauthorised access? This signature process is legally bound and verified and provides peace of mind. One of the main advantages of using eSign via Aadhaar is that it gives both parties the same legal weightage as a physically signed document. eSignature service providers store the data of signed documents, which is helpful in case of any dispute.

Reason 4: Hiring eSign Service is Time-savvy and Convenient to Use

eSign service providers like Meon provide a user-friendly interface to help you sign documents online without worrying about data breaches or unauthorised access. Individuals can access the eSign service from anywhere and anytime, which saves costs on printing, signing, and scanning physical documents. The signers need to bring the physical documents to be present at the on-site branch. 
Signers can perform eSign from the comfort of their homes or offices, using their mobiles or laptops with Internet access. This paperless signature solution is a time saver and reduces physical efforts. 

Reason 5: eSign Aadhaar Uplifts Customer Trust

Incorporating an Aadhaar signature into your existing business infrastructure enhances the trust of customers and clients in your venture. It conveys a message to them that you prioritise security and are committed to protecting their data. So, you can expect a stronger relationship with your customers. 
When customers experience the convenience, faster process, and robust security of eSign, they will applaud your good initiative and bring your business to the next level of growth. 

Reason 6: eSign through Aadhaar Increases Business Efficiency, Productivity, and Growth

Implementing eSign into your business operations, such as account opening and employee onboarding, makes the process smoother and allows the team professionals to focus on more important management tasks. Businesses can use paperless signature solutions for various purposes, such as employment contracts, offer letters, agreements between parties, and relevant documents. 

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