Difference Between Self-Managed Ndis Plan and Plan-Managed Ndis!

Having an NDIS scheme in Australia is a blessing for disabled people, as it is a program that offers support and funding for individuals with disabilities. When it comes to managing the money received through the NDIS there are a few options to be considered in NDIS-managed Australia.

These are self-managed funding; plan-managed funding and the NDIA managed funding. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss all these in detail and understand the NDIS support plan.

It is essential to know the difference between the ways through which you can manage your NDIS Support Plan Australia effectively and what will be the best options for you.

Agency managed:

This is where the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) manages your funding for you. They will hold and pay your service providers through the NDIS portal which is restricted for your use. Because the NDIS plan is all managed by the agency so you have access to handle the registered services only.


Choosing to manage your plan funding yourself gives you more service provider options that are both registered and unregistered. You will be responsible for managing your funding, paying invoices and liaising with NDIS-managed AustraliaAlso you need to ensure that you keep detailed records for plan reviews and that all your expenditures are eligible and correctly assigned to the funding buckets.

Plan managed:

This option provides you with the freedom to access registered and unregistered providers without having to manage the funding. A plan manager will act as your personal bookkeeper and record holder, overseeing payments that ensure that you aren’t over or under-spending the funds.

How NDIS Support Plan Australia be provided by the plan managers?

Some factors must be included in a participant’s NDIS plan such as who will manage the financial aspects and what goals you have. This plan includes the

  • Statement of goals, objectives and aspirations
  • The environmental and personal living arrangements, community support and social and economic participation.
  • A plan management option and a review date
  • Support statements that need to be approved by the national disability insurance agency (NDIA).

Why should you consider being plan-managed?

NDIS-managed Australia gives you greater freedom, choice and control over your NDIS plan. It gives you the very best elements of being agency-managed such as having someone who manages your finances.

A plan manager will act as your personal NDIS adviser and bookkeeper, they can help you navigate the NDIS and track your goals and finances. A plan manager will-

  • Provide access to NDIS-registered and non-registered service providers.
  • Help you choose the right support providers for your needs.
  • Receive invoices and pay your providers for their services.
  • Track your support and funding budgets
  • Claim funds through the NDIS portal
  • Manage financial reporting for your NDIS plan reviews and audits.
  • Be your experts in NDIS funding matters.

When you are looking for NDIS Support Plan Australia then you must connect with the experts for better results. Visit our website and connect with us to ensure that your NDIS plans are properly managed.

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