Aadhaar-based eSign Solution-Definition, Importance and Verification

Aadhar e-sign solution

eSign Aadhaar is a digital signature solution that uses Aadhaar details to verify the user’s identity. It allows Aadhaar card holders to eSign using an API solution and does not require a physical device to perform paperless eSigning on documents. Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, anyone who has an Aadhaar card can use this legal method to sign documents digitally. 

 Overview of eSign Solution 

Aadhaar signature leverages a perfect combination of asymmetric crypto system and hash functions to ensure the affixed Aadhaar eSign can’t be tampered with by unauthorised entities. Aadhaar-based eSign is a legal method of signing digital documents according to the second schedule of the IT Act via Gazette Notification No. 2015 Jan—GSR 61(E), introduced on 27 January 2015. 

In the current scenario, thousands of legal government and regulated entities and enterprises thrive on their digital footprint to perform digital transactions using eSign Aadhaar. In comparison to the wet-ink signature, Aadhaar eSign holds legal authentication, uses evidentiary advantages and is only applicable to digital documents. 

How is eSign Aadhaar better than Wet-ink Signature?

Traditional document signing is associated with intricate KYC verifications, security concerns, data risks, and substantial transportation challenges. The signers are required to be physically present, submit various essential documents, and require multiple approvals before performing a signature on any document. On the other hand, eSign Aadhaar sets free signers to be physically present at the branch with a bulk of physical papers. Businesses allow their customers and partners to perform eSignature from a distance and promote a paperless and efficient approach to transactions. 

When individuals perform an Aadhaar-based eSign API, an electronic signature certificate is generated after a successful valid response to the authentication. 

The process of Aadhaar eSign Service Providers 

1. The signer gets the link to the Aadhaar signature from the application service provider, views the document, and gives his consent before proceeding further.

2. After giving his consent, the user or signer will be redirected to the Aadhaar eSign service provider page. 

3. Enter the Aadhaar card number in a given form, which must be linked with the mobile number to get an instant OTP for identity verification.

4. Once the OTP number matches the information provided, ESP( eSign service provider) will affix the digital signature to the document on behalf of the signer. 

5. In this process, an electronic document signature certificate gets affixed to the digital document. 

Discuss some factors that justify Aadhaar eSign Services as a better option for businesses.

Avail of Efficiency

Do you believe Aadhaar eSign services in 5 minutes is possible? Yes, it has become a new sensation in the business world as a streamlined document signing process, reducing turnaround times and operational costs. It mitigates the change of forgery, errors, and disputes, cost-effectively boosting operational efficiency. 

Strictly Adhere Compliance 

Leveraging legal frameworks like Aadhaar-based eSign, which strictly adheres to regulatory standards and allows users to affix a paperless signature for valid documents from the convenience of their homes. It is based on robust encryption and authentication mechanisms, offering unparalleled security and tamper-proof validation. 

Enhance the Signer Journey

When any business offers eSign to its customers and clients, it can be a perfect way to make a first impression. They experience the power of advanced technology using their Aadhaar. This signature solution accelerates workflow and removes all obstacles associated with traditional paperwork. 

Eliminates the Chance of any Fraud Activity

Gone are the days when individuals forge to copy the signatures to harm someone in business segments. Aadhar eSign service providers empower enterprises through Aadhaar authentication followed by this paperless signature solution and prevent spoofing attempts and fraudulent transactions on the platform. 

What Businesses Use Aadhaar eSign Services?

Aadhaar-based eSign is the equivalent of the wet-ink signature without any limitations. Anyone can use this eSign platform for signing various documents across industries. From healthcare to real estate, banks, NBFCs, e-commerce, and HR, every business sector understands the power of this signature facility in various business operations. 

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